Grrr!!! WordPress settings: now you see 'em, now you don't.

I switched this website to a different server today, following these instructions from WordPress. I followed them to a T, or so I thought, but as soon as I signed in to my newly transferred site, I realized I had a lot more work ahead of me than I'd bargained for (almost 4 hours' worth, to be exact.) WordPress's simple instructions failed to mention the fact that nearly all of my settings for this site (descriptions and preferences for plug-ins, widgets, thingamajigs and doo-dads) would be erased.

So, I've reconstructed the broken or missing pieces as best as I can with my evaporating patience. If you've read this far, I would greatly appreciate it if you would spend a minute, 30 seconds, or even 5 seconds poking around, clicking on things and seeing if you notice something broken, out of the ordinary, or missing. If you do, or have any recommendations in general, please post a comment or email me. I would truly appreciate it!

I think I can finally let this computer (and my eyes) rest now that my blog is up and stumbling along again on its Frankenstein feet.