Pictures from Whistler ski vacation

Mom, Dad, April and I got back from a 7-day ski vacation last night. We left last Saturday, arrived in Seattle in the afternoon, then drove up through Vancouver and into Whistler. Dad and I skied Sunday through Friday - our longest ski time so far - and April skied with us until Thursday, when she hung out with my mom for the day. Friday we packed up and drove down to Vancouver for lunch on Granville Island (didn't take any pictures, but I have some in my Photobucket gallery from our honeymoon last year), then arrived in Seattle in time to walk through the empty Pike Place Market while enjoying a coffee from the first Starbucks. We had dinner at the Pike Place Grill, a reliable bar/restaurant where April and I had dinner on our honeymoon, then we spent the night in the wonderful Grand Hyatt before heading out the next morning.

The skiing in Whistler was amazing: the two mountains, Whistler and Blackcomb, have an incredible variety of runs. The weather kept us on our toes, too. Sometimes there was rain at the bottom, snow midway, fog further up, and sunshine on top.

The picture gallery below consists of pictures I took with our digital camera, which I didn't bring with me on the slopes. I'll have another group of on-mountain photos as soon as I get them developed (I use my old analog camera while skiing.)

Click on the photo captions to view full-sized versions.