Halloween Music Mixes

Need a mix of music for your Halloween party? Download the three continuous Halloween music mixes I made last year.

Nightmare Before Halloween features classics ("Thriller"; the Ghostbusters theme) and lesser-known but equally spooky songs by the likes of Puscifer, Pig and Tom Waits.

Giving Thanks for Halloween has a bunch of monster cuts, mostly low-end heavy drum and bass to shake your rear end.

Dance of the Dead includes Sufjan Stevens, Deadmau5, Dr. Dre & Ice Cube and "The Monster Mash," amongst many more.

What tracks would you include in a haunting mix? Leave a comment below.

Tiger Shark music mix 8: Sappy Valentine's Day

Download the hour-long "Sappy Valentine's Day" mix for you and your love. Dedicated to my love.

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The Temptations - “My Girl”
Aaliyah - “One in a Million”
Art of Noise - “Moments in Love”
Isaac Hayes - “Your Love is So Doggone Good”
Air - “Playground Love”
Kanye West - “Blame Game”
Lil Wayne  ft. Drake - “With You”
Tricky - “Love Cats (Cure cover)”
The Knife - “Heartbeats”
Tom Tom Club - “Genius of Love”
Chaka Khan - “Ain’t Nobody”
Michael Penn - “No Myth”
Nicolay - “I Love the Way You Love”
Hall & Oates - “One on One”
Snoop Dogg - “Beautiful”
Curtis Mayfield - “Gimme Your Love”
The Delfonics - “La-La Means I Love You”
Stevie Wonder - “I Was Made to Love Her”
Blackstreet - “No Diggity (Soulwax remix)”
Jamie Lidell - “A Little Bit More”
The Cardigans - “Lovefool”
Paul McCartney and Wings - “Silly Love Songs”
Mstrkrft - “Easy Love”
Neil Young - “When You Dance You Can Really Love”
The Dead 60’s - “Just Another Love Song”
Anita Ward - “Ring My Bell”
Edwin Collins - “A Girl Like You”
Purple Crush - Two of Hearts
Heart - “Magic Man”
Rusko - “I Love You”
The Blow - “Hock It (YACHT remix)”
The Presets - “This Boy’s in Love”
The Cure - “Love Song”
Cut Copy - “Feel the Love”
Smashing Pumpkins - “Stand Inside Your Love”
King Biscuit Time - “I Love You”
Bob Dylan - “Lay Lady Lay”
Yeasayer - “Love Me Girl”
XTC - “When You’re Near Me I have Difficulty Breathing”
Hot Chip - “Hand Me Down Your Love”
Tiger Shark - "I Would Die 4 U (Prince cover)"

Download Tiger Shark music mix 8 - Sappy Valentine's Day

Tiger Shark music mix 7: Giving Thanks for Halloween

This drum and bass mix was supposed to be done in time for Halloween. Instead, it's been cooked up just in time to provide the juicy soundtrack to wash down whatever you stuff into your gullet this Thanksgiving.

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The Misfits - "Skulls"

Ed Rush & Optical - "Ghostbuster"

Method of Defiance - "The Only Way to Go is Down"

Doc Scott - "Fabio's Ghost"

Vex'd - "Ghost"

The Redeemer - "Sound Killah"

Bong-Ra - "666 MPH"

Keltech - "Ghost"

The Presets - "Kicking & Screaming"

Concord Dawn - "Horror Show"

DJ Fresh & Pendulum - "Kingston Vampires"

Dr. Octagon - "Aliens (Sub Focus remix)"

Tiger Shark - "The Fly"

Sub Focus - "Swamp Thing"

Dieselboy - "Death Sentence"

Concord Dawn - "Raining Blood"

The Prodigy - "Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)"

The Upbeats - "Werewolf"

Koncrete Symphony - "Psycho Killer"

Amon Tobin - "Reanimator"

Techno Animal - "Beheaded"

Peter Tosh - "Dracula (Vampire Version)"

Tiger Shark music mix 7: Giving Thanks for Halloween

Tiger Shark music mix 6: Dance of the Dead

When zombies and ghosts get married (they were people too, after all), they play music like this mix at their wedding receptions.

Download the MP3 and subscribe to the enhanced (with clickable interweb links), always-free-and-never-dead Tiger Shark Music podcast .


The Herbaliser - "Something Wicked"

Sufjan Stevens - "You Are The Blood"

Zero 7 - "Ghost sYMbOL"

The Raveonettes - "Dead Sound (Pets on Prozac remix)"

Deadmau5 - "Ghosts 'n' Stuff (Feat. Rob Swire)"

Charles Bernstein - "Main Title" (from the soundtrack to "A Nightmare On Elm Street")

DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince - "A Nightmare On My Street"

Whodini - "Freaks Come Out At Night"

Felt (Slug and Murs) - "Deathmurdermayhem [Explicit]"

The Clash - "Straight To Hell"

Max Romeo & the Upsetters - "I Chase The Devil"

Warren Zevon - "Werewolves Of London (LP Version)"

Dr. Dre & Ice Cube - "Natural Born Killaz [Explicit]"

RJD2 - "The Horror"

Dead Kennedys - "Halloween"

Bobby "Boris" Pickett - "Monster Mash"

Dälek - "Lynch"

Tiger Shark music mix 6: Dance of the Dead

Tiger Shark music mix 5: Nightmare Before Halloween

Dance like the undead at your Halloween party!

Listen to the "Nightmare Before Halloween" mix featuring ghosts like Michael Jackson, monsters like Alice Cooper and plenty of living dead. Get the full tracklist, too.


Impatient and don't wanna click the link above? Download the enhanced audio file below, featuring all the links and information found in the podcast. Best played in iTunes:

Tiger Shark mix 5: Nightmare Before Halloween

Tiger Shark music mix 5: Nightmare Before Halloween

This mix originally planned on dressing up as Strawberry Shortcake for Halloween until some sense was beaten into it with a jawbreaker- and rock-candy-filled pillowcase.

Download the mix or subscribe to the always-free-and-always-supernatural Tiger Shark Music podcast.

After you download the mix, let us know in the Comments section which scary songs you'd add to your Halloween party mix.


The Citizens of Halloween (Danny Elfman) - "This Is Halloween"

Tom Waits - "God's Away On Business"

Screamin' Jay Hawkins - "I Put A Spell On You"

Neko Case - "Dirty Knife (Album Version)"

Venetian Snares - "Kétsarkú Mozgalom"

Puscifer - "Rev 22-20 (Dry Martini Mix)"

Pig - "On the Slaughterfront (Album Version)"

Alice Cooper - "Feed My Frankenstein"

Talking Heads - "Psycho Killer (Remastered & Extended Version)"

Joy Division - "Dead Souls"

The Zombies - "Call of the Night (Demo Version)"

8-Bit Weapon - "Movie Monsters Game (Disco Terror Mix)"

Rockwell - "Somebody's Watching Me"

Michael Jackson - "Thriller"

Simian Mobile Disco - "Bad Blood"

The Rapture - "The Devil"

Black Devil Disco Club - "The Devil In Us"

Fela Kuti - "Zombie"

Ray Parker, Jr. - "Ghostbusters"

Ladytron - "Ghosts"

Evil Nine - "Feed on you"

Kode 9 + The Spaceape - "Bodies"

Gorillaz - "Dracula"

Lee 'Scratch' Perry & Devon Irons - "Vampire"

Tiger Shark mix 5: Nightmare Before Halloween

Tiger Shark music mix 4: Dancing with the Scars

In honor of America's birthday and today's 1-year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death, listen to the new Tiger Shark mix.

With American dance-music artists duking it out with foreigners from across the oil-slicked pond, this is a global mash-up of countries America is better than.

Download and listen to Tiger Shark Mix 4: Dancing with the Scars and get the full tracklist.

Tiger Shark music mix 4: Dancing with the Scars

In honor of America's birthday and today's 1-year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death, Tiger Shark presents to you a new dance-music mix (download: MP3 or M4A). As full of sugary enjoyment as apple pie, "Dancing with the Scars" is the soundtrack to your 4th of July party - without this mix, your party ain't a party.

With Americans like the King of Pop, Kid Cudi and Kanye West duking it out with foreigners including Frenchies like Daft Punk, the Canadian Feist, Australians the Presets, the Dutch Noisia, Italians the Bloody Beetroots, Norwegians Röyksopp, the German Boys Noize, and a buncha Brits, this is a global mash-up of countries America is better than.

Celebrate your freedom by downloading the free mix in MP3 or M4A formats, and subscribe to the always-free-and-always-American Tiger Shark Music podcast.


(00:08) Michael Jackson (representing the mighty countries of Dubai and California) - "Get on the Floor"

(04:30) Daft Punk (reppin' France) - "Around the World"

(07:52) Estelle (reppin' England) ft. Kanye West (reppin' his ego) - "American Boy"

(11:30) TTC (reppin' France) - "Travailler (Orgasmic Remix)"

(14:20) Kid Cudi (reppin' USA) - "Enter Galactic (Love Connection Pt. 1)"

(18:00) Major Lazer (reppin' Earth) - "Keep It Goin' Louder ft. Nina Sky & Ricky Blaze"

(20:43) The Bloody Beetroots (reppin' Italy) - "House No. 84"

(24:27) Noisia (reppin' the Netherlands) - "Red Heat"

(27:10) Basement Jaxx (reppin' the U.K.) - "Twerk (ft. Yo Majesty)"

(30:28) Justice (reppin' France) - "D.A.N.C.E. (MSTRKRFT remix)"

(34:27) MSTRKRFT (reppin' Canada) - "Bounce (ft. Nore & Isis)"

(37:17) The Presets (reppin' Australia) - "My People"

(41:20) Simian Mobile Disco (reppin' the UK) - "Off the Map (ft. Jamie Lidell)"

(45:17) Evil Nine (reppin' the UK) - "Wait (ft. David Autokratz)"

(48:58) Boys Noise (reppin' Germany) - "My Moon My Man (Feist)"

(54:40) Junior Boys (reppin' the USA) - "The Equalizer"

(58:06) Röyksopp (reppin' Norway) - "The Girl and the Robot"

Tiger Shark Mix 4: Dancing with the Scars

Tiger Shark music mix 3: Creepy-Crawlies

Creepy-Crawlies is the second mix in a series featuring musical acts named after animals. (Download the first mix, Cute & Cuddly, here.)

Download the Creepy-Crawlies mix in MP3, M4A, or subscribe to the Tiger Shark music podcast on iTunes. You know you have 15 minutes to listen to this.

Read the blog post that inspired this mix, featuring insects, reptiles and alien arachnids.

Tracklist (15:08):

0:08 Dynospectrum (ft. Slug & Ant, aka Atmosphere) - "Anything is Everything"

2:26 White Snake - "Is This Love"

4:39 Iron Butterfly - "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida"

5:29 The Locust - "Moth-eaten Deer Head (Tiger Shark edit)"

5:52 The Bug - "Angry (ft. Tippa Irie)"

6:57 Deer Tick - "Art Isn't Real (City of Sin)"

8:00 The Beatles - "I Saw Her Standing There"

9:06 Ziggy Stardust & the Spiders from Mars (David Bowie) - "John, I'm Only Dancing"

10:39 Adam and the Ants - "Desperate but not Serious"

12:00 Bugz in the Attic - "Move Aside"

14:15 Adam and the Ants - "Kick!"

Tiger Shark Mix 3: Creepy-Crawlies

Tiger Shark music mix 2: Blog to the Dubstep

Phew! Got this mix out the door before dubstep splinters into two dozen other subgenres.

The words "blog" and "dubstep" are much like Dick Cheney: they should've never been born. But unlike Cheney, they're integral to this post.

Like "blog" and "dubstep", this mix sounds heavy and dirty. Lots of bass. Lots of beats. And thanks to La Roux and Burial, some beautiful sounds, too.

Download the MP3 version, the enhanced M4A version, or best of all, subscribe to the Tiger Shark music podcast on iTunes so you don't miss a beat.

Tracklist (53:11):

  1. Kode 9 - "Portal (ft. the Spaceape)"
  2. Evol Intent - "Gunpowder Plot"
  3. The Bug - "Jah War (ft. Flowdan)"
  4. Bong-Ra - "Go Tiger! (ft. Hanin Elias)"
  5. Bassnectar - "Timestretch"
  6. La Roux - "In for the Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey Remix)"
  7. Burial - "Fostercare"
  8. The Bug - "Ganja (ft. Flowdan)"
  9. Skream - "Check It (ft. Warrior Queen)"
  10. Rusko - "Got Da Groove (ft. Gucci Mane)"
  11. Lil' Wayne - "I Feel Like Dying (Flying Lotus remix)"
  12. Modeselektor - "Let Your Love Grow (ft. Apparat & Paul St. Hilaire)"
  13. Vex'd - "Corridor"
  14. TC - "Where's My Money (Caspa remix)"
  15. Michna - "Triple Chrome Dipped (Star Eyes & Mayster Liquid Vision remix)"
  16. The Bug - "Poison Dart (ft. Warrior Queen - Skream remix)"
  17. Burial - "Archangel"

Shoutout to Baz from Atomic Indy for the title. Has the same nasty words, but doesn't sound as gross as the original title, "Dubstep on My Blog".

Tiger Shark Mix 2: Blog to the Dubstep

Tiger Shark music mix 1: Cute & Cuddly

Thursday Friday Saturday's musical nom de guerre, Tiger Shark, has a new music mix: 30 minutes of funky, raging, bass-heavy tracks by artists named after cute & cuddly animals. It's the first in a series of mixes based on a series of blog posts about bands and musical artists who share names based on animals.

Download it below. Read more and get the full tracklist here, as well as an MP3 version (without goodies like the cover art or track info). Next up: the Creepy-Crawly mix. And the iTunes podcast.

Tiger Shark mix 1: Cute & Cuddly

Tiger Shark music mix 1: Cute & Cuddly

ThursdayFridaySaturday.com's drum-bashing, noisemaking alter ego Tiger Shark has produced a first mix, "Cute & Cuddly". It's a funky, free 30-minute melange.

Hip hop? Reggae? Techno? 80's synth ballad AND hair metal? Check, check, check, check AND check:

Download. Listen. Irresistible, just like kittens.Background:

Tiger Shark mix 1: Cute & Cuddly is the first music mix in a series to accompany the Thursday Friday Saturday blog posts about bands and musical artists named after animals (or at least sharing their names). The first post was Top 10 Bands Named After Cute Animals.

Sure, it might not make a lot of sense. But listen, and you'll find it makes more sense than not. Plus it's just dang fun (note on the curse words: there are a few of them. But there are more funky beats than dirty words. Promise.)


1. The Korgis - "Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime"
2. Bunny Clarke - "Move Out of My Way"
3. Eek-A-Mouse - "Ganja Smuggling"
4. Mouse On Mars - "Fish Bord"
5. Danger Mouse & Jemini - "What U Sittin' On? (Danger Mouse's 26" Remix ft. Cee Lo & Tha Liks)"
6. The Bird & The Bee - "F*cking Boyfriend"
7. deadmau5 - "Hi Friend!"
8. Bunny Rabbit - "Saddle Up"
9. Miss Kittin & The Hacker - "Uno"
10. Felix Da Housecat ft. Miss Kittin - "Madame Hollywood"
11. Possum Dixon - "Watch the Girl Destroy Me"
12. Britny Fox - "Girlschool"
13. Super Furry Animals - "The Proper Ornaments"
14. Modest Mouse - "Doin' the Cockroach"

Download the mix in MP3 format, or in the M4A below, both of which can be played on any Apple device and most other audio players.

This first mix in the Bands Named After Animals series is also the first Tiger Shark music podcast - coming soon to an iTunes near you.

Tiger Shark mix 1: Cute & Cuddly