Crush of the Day: Scrobbler

When I redesigned ThursdayFridaySaturday, I spent (wasted) an hour searching for an easy way to display the music I listen to and love quickly and easily. I was desperate to show the two visitors I've had in the past week the fact that I could go from Milli Vanilli to Minus the Bear to Murderbot without pressing the >> button on my keyboard.

Search variations on "display recently played iTunes music on blog" yielded Google pages filled with 3-year-old WordPress widgets, nightmarish server-side scripts, and iLike. iLike's not necessarily bad, but then again, it is affiliated with MySpace. I used the iLike widget for a week, but now that I've found's sweet, sweet Scrobbler, iRealize iDon't really like iLike.

Check TFS out on's Scrobbler shares what you play in iTunes or Windows Media Player with your account. Even cooler is the ability to include Pandora in the scrobble. You can hook your Scrobbler up to Twitter, Facebook, and as shown on the lower right side of this page, your own website. Cool, eh? Now I just need to make it look pretty. Maybe Milli Vanilli can help (you're welcome):