BBC coverage of Japanese whaling; what’s the point of blogging, anyway?

I've written a few times about this season's whale hunt by the Japanese, but have realized that the BBC's Jonah Fisher is a much better source for it. He's aboard Greenpeace ship Esperanza and is also keeping a journal of the events, so I'll just link to his diary. Rather than me regurgitating what I've read elsewhere, you can go straight to the source.

That's my problem with blogs: most of them are used simply for regurgitation of info that can almost always be found more easily and with better information elsewhere. This whole "news aggregator" phenomenon of Digg, Newsvine, Reddit, etc., etc., etc. often leads viewers/readers to blogs with summaries of other stories, so what's the point? I guess blogs are good for diary-like entries; they're good for friends and family to check out and stay updated; they're good for illegally posting copyrighted content. But what else are they good for? My guess is absolutely nothing (UNHH - say it again!) Oh wait, they are good for one more thing: wasting time.