Tiger Shark music mix 2: Blog to the Dubstep

Phew! Got this mix out the door before dubstep splinters into two dozen other subgenres.

The words "blog" and "dubstep" are much like Dick Cheney: they should've never been born. But unlike Cheney, they're integral to this post.

Like "blog" and "dubstep", this mix sounds heavy and dirty. Lots of bass. Lots of beats. And thanks to La Roux and Burial, some beautiful sounds, too.

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Tracklist (53:11):

  1. Kode 9 - "Portal (ft. the Spaceape)"
  2. Evol Intent - "Gunpowder Plot"
  3. The Bug - "Jah War (ft. Flowdan)"
  4. Bong-Ra - "Go Tiger! (ft. Hanin Elias)"
  5. Bassnectar - "Timestretch"
  6. La Roux - "In for the Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey Remix)"
  7. Burial - "Fostercare"
  8. The Bug - "Ganja (ft. Flowdan)"
  9. Skream - "Check It (ft. Warrior Queen)"
  10. Rusko - "Got Da Groove (ft. Gucci Mane)"
  11. Lil' Wayne - "I Feel Like Dying (Flying Lotus remix)"
  12. Modeselektor - "Let Your Love Grow (ft. Apparat & Paul St. Hilaire)"
  13. Vex'd - "Corridor"
  14. TC - "Where's My Money (Caspa remix)"
  15. Michna - "Triple Chrome Dipped (Star Eyes & Mayster Liquid Vision remix)"
  16. The Bug - "Poison Dart (ft. Warrior Queen - Skream remix)"
  17. Burial - "Archangel"

Shoutout to Baz from Atomic Indy for the title. Has the same nasty words, but doesn't sound as gross as the original title, "Dubstep on My Blog".

Tiger Shark Mix 2: Blog to the Dubstep