My generation: too demanding at work?

This CNN article is about my generation's increased expectations from our employers. Apparently, we want more money, more vacation time, and better benefits than past generations. Who wouldn't want those things?

My opinion is that the young people of my generation (why's it called "Gen Y," anyway?!? How about "Gen Thundercats"?) were raised with certain expectations, and we're just following through on what was reinforced throughout our lives: in the US-of-A, a good education and hard work will land you a dream job, good pay, and good benefits for life. Unfortunately, even as corporate profits rise and the rich get richer, the economy's taken some severe hits (recession, anyone?) that are affecting my generation's ability to secure the jobs we once thought were ours for the taking. And with rising oil prices and the coming of peak oil sure to drastically affect the economy, the term "job security" might be going the way of Arctic Ice