Pet adoption and activism events

Adopt An Animal logoThough is still in its infancy, my calendar is gradually filling up with related happenings, and I'm realizing that this non-job is a lot of work!

On Saturday, my wife and I attended the North Shore Animal League's "Tour for Life" at the Indianapolis Animal Care and Control center. (Before I forget, check out Shakie to the right, one of the adoptable dogs at IACC. He looks very similar to my dogs Aja and Diva, and it's so tempting to rescue him... but I can't, so maybe you should! Click his pic to go to his Petfinder page, or visit IACC to see him and take him for a walk.)(Updated on 4/29/08: Shakie is no longer available: he was adopted!) NSAL purports to be the world's largest no-kill shelter. I don't know if this is true, but either way, I didn't find out at Saturday's event. It was great to see a lot of no-kill animal rescue organizations represented at the event, but besides a small hand-written poster board and an NSAL pamphlet at one of the booths, I didn't see any presence of the League at all (and their blog currently doesn't have an Indy entry, so perhaps something happened and they couldn't show up.)Shakie - adoptable from IACC

At any rate, I met some great people representing some worthwhile animal activism groups, adoption shelters and rescue organizations. I talked to Warren Patitz, president and founder of Move to Act, which has been one of the Humane Society of Indianapolis's most vocal critics (though critics of HSI aren't hard to find, especially after their decision to stop taking in stray animals - read this Nuvo article for the full story.) He told me some more about an upcoming No Kill seminar with author/activist Nathan Winograd, which should be quite interesting (I listened to Winograd's podcast, based on this blog post today; it definitely makes me rethink the comment I left on Nuvo's site in which I mentioned that even if HSI is making a mistake by not taking strays, at least their end goal of finding homes for pets is a noble one. I hope they're doing all they can to adopt out every animal.)

So in addition to the Tour for Life and the No Kill seminar, I'll also be attending the HSI Mutt Strut this Sunday with Aja, Diva, Pixie (my dogs), my wife and my parents (and their dog.) I'm sure my dogs don't really care what HSI is doing as long as they get to be around hundreds of other excited, panting dogs.

Speaking of dogs, I found it interesting that, at the NSAL event this past Saturday, my wife wanted to take home the smallest dog, Honeybunch (a beautiful little boxer-type mix from Rescue Farm), and I wanted to take home the largest (Titan, a gorgeous malamute from Indy Homes for Huskies, who arguably had the liveliest bunch of dogs available for adoption.) If only we had acres and acres of farmland so we could take in more dogs...

When asked why he spent so much time and money talking about kindness to animals when there is so much cruelty to men, George Angell (founder of the Massachusetts SPCA in 1868) replied, “I am working at the roots. When human beings finally learn to honor the spirit of all beings most of the world’s problems will be solved."