Seattle, San Juan Island, and Vancouver honeymoon pictures, at long last!

Vancouver skylineAfter six months, April and my honeymoon pictures from Seattle, San Juan Island, and Vancouver are now finally viewable at Photobucket (if you didn't get my email with the password, let me know and I'll send it.) Well, honestly, they've been online for several months, but I just haven't publicized them. I hope you think they're worth the wait :) I was planning on publishing them to my Flickr account, but I'd already named and sorted all of them on Photobucket and it'd be a time-consuming task to do the same on Flickr (unless there's an automated process that I'm not aware of.) Photobucket, in my experience, is great for uploading photos that you plan to post on websites and share with others, but Flickr's great because users can share comments about other people's photos, and it's much more user-friendly than Photobucket, in my humble opinion.